Who we Are?

We are a bunch of technocrats in India, USA and Europe working in our respective fields successfully. We feel responsible towards our Children and want to leave earth in better shape for them to live peacefully by Making earth Carbon Positive and GREEN. We also intend to help innovators who wish to develop product that will help make & keep this earth green

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What We Do

Creation of better and sustainable place on earth for our future generation by Promotions, initiatives around green earth like-
  1. Plantations of self-sustaining Jungles to increase Flora & Fauna
  2. Promote and socialize Culture of making earth greener via
    volunteering program
  3. Involve corporates to channelizing their efforts to make earth
    a better place to live

Miyawaki Forests

We create and help create self-sustaining jungle mainly by scientific techniques like Miyawaki foresting technique.

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We help Organizations, schools and other set ups with things required for Plantations and maintain it via volunteering community, resources and finances

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Providing INCUBATOR facilities
  1. Promote Innovations in the field of green technology
  2. Help Innovators/Green Startups with knowledge and
  3. Help Innovators and Startups with funding via govt and
    non govt channels


We help innovators & ideators to reach to a level of productization and MVP’s to have product ready for market and launch successfully by means of training, coaching and guidance

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Seed Funding

We help eligible innovators with seed funding directly or indirectly and helping them to reach level of funding via multiple channels like government schemes and VC’s

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Join Us - Get Involved


We think welcoming positive change for a huge scope is definitely not a one-gave measure. It should be upheld by the 'Force Of People' and consequently the Power of people should be driven by 'Force of Unity' with a genuine deed.


We empower CSR exercises, which are the responsibility just as a chance for corporates to affect social, ecological and financial measurements. Thereby make a more sustainable earth and better world for mankind.


We welcome you to meet up with your community (school, college, social groups etc.) for the advancement of the climate. It is a stage towards making a major change in the public eye.