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Our Objectives

We are group of young at heart active and responsible earth dweller who want to make this earth greena and carbon positive again to make sure our childrens live in a better place. Our motivation is to make this earth green with self sustainable jungle and products which are non polluting and giving solutions for the problems in green ways.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs


We help innovators & ideators to reach to a level of productization and MVP’s to have product ready for market and launch successfully


High touch engagement through an experienced team of sector experts and managers

Seed Funding

We help eligible innovators with seed funding directly or indirectly and helping them to reach level of funding via multiple channels like government schemes and VC’s


Networks and connections to successfully launch in market and gain traction among customers

Selection Process


Submit Idea


Idea review by
experienced panel


selected projects gets
help in ideation to realization


Funding Presentation
preparation help


seed funding
(Internal or external)



Selection Criteria

Idea should be unique

Should be anything but Non Polluting

Should be realizable and usable

Service or Product (both applicable)

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